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Last Updated: November 11, 2020

The dishwasher can save you from a mass of unpleasant hassle, ensuring crystal-clear and perfectly disinfected dishes. And if earlier we talked about the best countertop dishwashers, today we offer you to get acquainted with the proven drawer dishwasher solutions.

Our Top 10 Best Drawer Dishwashers

Look through the best dishwasher models thoroughly selected by our expert team

Best Price

16.125 x 23.56 x 22.5 inches

Combines beneficial price and proven efficiency

Best Large

22.56 x 23.56 x 23 inches

Perfect double solution for large family

Best Quiet

34 x 23.563 x 22.563 inches

Fashionable black case and multiple washing options

17.6 x 22.6 x 32.4 inches

Compact, convenient and easy to cope with

17.87 x 23.81 x 22.68 inches

Drawer dishwasher with convenient handle

 34.625 x 23.56 x 22.563 inches

Double solution in styish grey case

17.87 x 23.56 x 21.78 inches

Convenient, user-friendly dishwasher with wood immitation design 

18.81 x 23.59 x 24.12 inches

Stylish and durable Energy Star solution

34 x 23.56 x 22.56 inches

Attractive white drawer dishwasher with proven efficiency

34 x 23.56 x 22.56 inches

Double solution for better washing results

Our expert team has reviewed and evaluated the most popular dishwashers (single and double ones) to help you choose the most efficient and reliable product

Fisher Paykel DD24SCX7 Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 16.125″ x 23.56″ x 22.5″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 7 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Delicate Eco, Fast, Fast Eco, Heavy, Heavy Eco, Normal, Normal Eco, Rinse

Finishes: Stainless steel (case), Plastic (tub)

Type: Drawer, built-in

Pros and Cons

  • Energy Star certificate; beneficial price
  • Features no sensor clean option

This Energy Star solution from the authoritative Fisher and Paykel brand will surprise with rich functionality (9 cycles available), stylish interior, low noise level (from 45 to 54 dBA, according to the chosen cycle). The reviewed Fisher & Paykel drawer dishwasher features 7 place settings for your favorite tableware (plates, cups, glasses, cutlery). The device allows to wash dishes with up to 11 ½ ‘’ in diameter. Due to the Energy Star mark mentioned earlier, the product saves your money via low energy consumption.


The convenient control panel may be blocked (protection from children). It also displays the current washing process. The final dishes rinse is done with water at a sufficiently high temperature (up to 163° F) to ensure adequate disinfection. The self-diagnostic option allows the device to find technical problems and timely notify user about them. You will always be aware of the cycle finishing thanks to a special melodic notification (short sound).

Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 22.56″ x 23.56″ x 23″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 14 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Fast, Heavy, Normal, Normal Eco, Rinse

Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Drawer, built-in

Pros and Cons

  • Capacious double department; digital control panel
  • Features no Heated drying option

The presented Fisher Paykel 2 drawer dishwasher features two independent bodies. Apply them to load your dishes as much as possible and get the perfect result in a short time. The appliance has 14 place settings (7 + 7) that may be loaded with tableware and started independently. The dual drawer dishwasher features a 45 dBA noise level – you will appreciate its reasonably quiet operation. A stylish silver case will harmoniously complement a modern kitchen. The device’s design is classic and universal and therefore, can easily fit into almost any interior solution.


The case is made of robust stainless steel and is resistant to external influences (moisture, dust). Spacious dishwasher cases allow to place any kind of dishware – from glasses to cast iron pans. A perfect result is guaranteed in both cases. The advantage of this dishwasher is that both its parts can work with different washing programs simultaneously.

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTB9N Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 34″ x 23.563″ x 22.563″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 14 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Extra Dry, Fast, Heavy, Medium, Normal eco, Quick, Rinse, Sanitise

Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Drawer, built-in

Pros and Cons

  • Capacious; stylish black exterior
  • Features no Soil sensor

This is the most silent dishwasher, ready to win any users’ heart. It produces 44 dBA operating noise. The presented Fisher and Paykel dishwasher drawer in an astonishingly fashionable black case is a perfect kitchen assistant. In addition to the attractive design, this household appliance is quite spacious (offers 2 drawer dishwasher, – independent, each featuring 7 place settings) and effective (cleans all dishes types to creaky cleanliness). The observed dishwasher drawer from Fisher and Paykel is pricy enough though it offers a wide options set.


One may apply any of 15 available washing options, according to the type of the tableware and level of its contamination. It is also Energy Star labeled and is complemented with smart intellect (unique technology, detecting the needed water amount, optimal options, etc.). The doors of this pull out drawer dishwasher are easy to open and close (convenient gray panel). Pay attention to its Sanitize cycle –  its application allows you to get rid of microbes and viruses that are propagating on the inner surfaces of any household appliances.

Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 16.125″ x 23.56″ x 22.563″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 7 place setting

Cycles: Delicate, Fast, Heavy, Medium, Normal eco, 6 wash programs, Rinse

Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Drawer, built-in

Pros and Cons

  • Quiet operating, Energy Star certificated
  • Has no hard food disposer

The presented appliance offers 6 washing programs to choose from. It features 7 place settings for various dishes and plates. The observed Fisher Paykel drawer dishwasher model produces a relatively low noise level during operation (45 dBA). The device is Energy Star marked – it consumes about 20-30% less electricity than the competitors (featuring no Energy Star certificate). The Fisher Paykel single drawer dishwasher may become a perfect solution for families with children.


It has a child lock option, so, may be safely protected from little harum-scarum children. Stylish digital console with knobs is user-friendly and permits to provide an individual approach to each dishwashing procedure. The device takes care of the environment and, at the same time guarantees ideal washing results. Its stainless steel case is ready to serve you for long years, ensuring reliability and corrosion resistance.

DCS DD24SVT7 Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 17.87″ x 23.81″ x 22.68″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  7 place setting

Cycles: Delicate, Delay Wash, Rinse Only, Fan Dry, Eco-Friendly Wash Cycle

Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Drawer, built-in

Pros and Cons

  • Energy Star product
  • No water softener; No steam option

Featuring 7 place settings, low noise level (44 dBA) and user-friendly control panel, this DCS drawer dishwasher will surely rejoice you with its operation simplicity and rich functionality. The appliance allows washing dishes with 13’’ diameter and various cutlery, glasses, cups, bowls, etc. Use the Delay option in order to postpone the washing to a more suitable time. Apply the Child lock option to protect children and the device itself.


Choose from 9 various washing programs ensuring crystal dishes cleanliness. The product has an attractive minimalistic design. Thanks to the convenient protruding  handle, the appliance is easy to pull out and load with dirty dishes. The product may boast with Energy Star certificate (it proves the environment respect, modest energy consumption). The control panel includes a digital indicator (allows to watch the current device’s state).

Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9N Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 34.625″ x 23.56″ x 22.563″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  14 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Fast, Heavy, Medium, Normal eco, Rinse

Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Built-in, drawer

Pros and Cons

  • Capacious double design, digital control panel with timer
  • Has no Steam clean option

The presented 14 place settings device will delight you with perfect washing quality. This is a quiet silent appliance, ideal for families with small children (the operating sound is equal to 45 dBA). The Fisher Paykel dishwasher drawer has 2 individual compartments.  Each of them can operate independently of the other – 6 different washing cycles for your choice. The product features child lock, so you may be sure in children’s and device’s safety.


Speaking about the Fisher Paykel double drawer dishwasher’s design, one may note its simplicity and elegance. A stylish gray body will be a great addition to any kitchen set. Thanks to the Smart Drive Technology, the observed appliance is smart and clever enough. Convenient doors make the load and unload process as easy and comfortable as possible. Please note that the device is Energy Star marked. This means that the product takes care of either your family budget or the environmental state.

Fisher Paykel DD24STI7 Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 17.87″ x 23.56″ x 21.78″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  7 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Delicate Eco, Fast, Fast Eco, Heavy, Heavy Eco, Normal, Normal Eco, Rinse

Finishes: Panel Ready

Type: Built-in, drawer

Pros and Cons

  • Energy Star certified, quiet operation, attractive exterior
  • No soil sensor

The reviewed 24-inch product may be fairly called the most reliable and efficient one. This is a single dishwasher drawer in an attractive light brown case (wood imitation). It offers 7 place settings for your home tableware, 9 washing cycles and convenient ergonomic design. The observed Fisher and Paykel drawer dishwasher has a quick wash option – one of its bright advantages! Minimum time-consuming, and you get perfectly clean dishes. Its minimalistic design with inside panel type charms from first sight.


It also features Energy Star certification, which allows judging about the low power consumption and careful users’ budget use. This powerful and, at the same time, small dishwasher drawer has a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer. This period is enough to identify each spare part operability or (if problems are detected), contact the manufacturer and make a replacement.

Fisher Paykel DD24SDFTX7 Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 18.81″ x 23.59″ x 24.12″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  7 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Delicate Eco, Fast, Fast Eco, Heavy, Heavy Eco, Normal, Normal Eco, Rinse

Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Built-in, drawer

Pros and Cons

  • Ergonomic design; efficient device
  • No food chopper

The presented 18 inch drawer dishwasher is compact enough in order to add a small kitchen. Its height allows setting it under or near the sink. This single drawer dishwasher gives you the opportunity to use its 9 washings cycles, according to the degree of dishes soiling. Featuring 7 place settings, it permits to clean a sufficient number of dirty plates and cups. Its stainless steel case with a tiny control panel creates an airy, imponderable design.


The manufacturer offers this Energy Star labeled product for families who value energy efficiency. Also, the small drawer dishwasher has a semi-integrated control type – easy and convenient to cope with. The appliance may serve as the under sink dishwasher drawer; nevertheless, it is recommended to clarify the possibility of such equipment installing directly under the concrete sink.

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTW9N Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 34″ x 23.56″ x 22.56″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  14 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Extra Dry, Fast, Heavy, Medium, Normal eco, Quick, Rinse, Sanitise, Sanitize

Finishes: White

Type: Built-in, drawer

Pros and Cons

  • Attractive white exterior, capacious double design
  • No steam wash

How may one characterize the presented double dishwasher? This drawer style dishwasher is quiet, fashionable, hardworking. Its noise level is only 44 dBA, which is quite enough for such a dual model. It offers you a spacious and roomy 14 place settings for different tableware items. Purchasers choose this double drawer dishwasher also because it has a Sanitize option, permitting to eliminate its surfaces from multiple harmful viruses and bacteria as well. In addition, this two drawer dishwasher from Fisher Paykel suggests using its Extra Dry option.


The latter allows getting either brilliant clean or dry dishes and bowls.  Apply each of 15 available washing cycles and feel the individual approach to each of the washing loads. Pay attention to the Energy Star certificate – the product complies with generally accepted norms of energy consumption and therefore protects your finances and the surrounding environment.

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX9N Dishwasher review

Dimensions: 34″ x 23.56″ x 22.56″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  14 place settings

Cycles: Delicate, Extra Dry, Fast, Heavy, Medium, Normal eco, Quick, Rinse, Sanitise
Finishes: Stainless steel

Type: Built-in, drawer, drawer

Pros and Cons

  • Two capacious departments; Energy Star product
  • No food chopper

Would you like to complement your kitchen with a powerful, stylish, and durable assistant? With this  Fisher Paykel double dishwasher, you will forever forget about the need to waste time on long and not always pleasant dishwashing. This drawer type dishwasher offers 14 place settings and 15 washing cycles (including Quick, Extra Dry, Sanitize options). Each dishwasher compartment may operate independently of the other. Depending on the dirty dishes amount, you can simultaneously load both rooms or use only one of them (if there are a few dirty dishes).


According to the double drawer dishwasher reviews, the appliance is incredibly quiet. You can hardly hear its operating sound. The full console control panel is user-friendly. Choose the preferable cycle and let the apparatus do its direct work. Such double drawer dishwashers from Fisher Paykel are suitable for large families who regularly face the problem of a huge amount of dirty dishes accumulation.

Guide to Buying the Best Drawer Dishwasher

The question of a new drawer dishwasher purchasing  is inextricably linked with a lot of doubts. To clarify the main nuances of the upcoming purchase, we suggest highlighting some particularly important points.

Are dishwasher drawers good?

Drawer type dishwashers may be a convenient solution for constant installation. If you own a dwelling and plan to exploit the dishwasher every day or even several times a week, this appliance may be really a beneficial decision. Some families choose such a device in parallel with a kitchen set – this allows to select the equipment individually, focusing on the optimal parameters of the working surface height, the exterior finish colors and shades, and other no less important and meaningful features. So, this appliance is perfect as a constant kitchen assistant (but of course, if needed, such drawer dishwashers may be uninstalled and set in another dwelling as well). These appliances are really good because are capable of energy and water consumption optimization. The water consumption during hand wash and modern dishwashers usage even could not be compared.

What is the best 2 drawer dishwasher?

Every second drawer dishwasher review speaks in favor of the Fisher Paykel brand. Most of the products in our review are not in vain dedicated to this brand’s products. Focusing on your family’s needs, financial capabilities, and personal wishes, you can easily choose a decent quality double dishwasher represented by this brand. For instance, users confirm that the Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Dishwasher model is definitely worth purchasing and may be called the best drawer dishwasher. Large capacity, multiple washing options, attractive appearance, and proven efficiency are among its vivid advantages.

How do dishwasher drawers work?

Most of the drawer style dishwashers operate according to a similar algorithm. After the user has loaded dirty dishes and added detergent to the appropriate compartment, it is necessary to select the optimal washing mode. In this case, it is essential to be guided by the degree of the dishes contamination, as well as its quantity and type. It is strongly recommended that you remove food debris from plates and cups, even if your dishwasher has a built-in food chopper. Food leftovers may impair the cleaning performance and damage the appliance itself. Modern dishwashers have a built-in water heater, so immediately after starting, the water is heated, and the dishes are directly washed. Next, the dishes are rinsed (first with hot, then cold water). If available, one may choose an additional Extra Rinse cycle in order to clean the plates from the remaining detergent (actual for children’s tableware). Further, if this option is available, a Dry or even Extra Dry cycle is used (thorough dishes drying).

Who makes the best dishwasher drawers?

The most reputable and endorsed brands of today are Fisher Paykel and DCS. We have selected products for the review basing strictly on actual customer reviews who were really happy with these home appliances. The mentioned manufacturers promise up to 2 years of guarantee for dishwasher parts. This speaks of the company’s confidence in the quality of its goods and the desire to help its consumers in the event of a defect or other shortcomings.

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